HaleAmanO Wins “The Fight For Fame”

Playing before a packed loyal crowd at E-String in Henderson, the lads from HaleAmanO, proved to be too much for the competition, as they won “The Fight For Fame”. Thus ended the summer long event which pitted eighty eight local bands from the Las Vegas area, in a four round elimination contest. The finals had six bands contending for the top prize of $10,000 in cash and services. All genres were welcome to enter the event.

Bands were required to play a 30 minute set, and 4 judges evaluated the set giving their comments and criticisms. Fan participation was essential (similiar to American Idol) as each band needed to promote and sell admission tickets for the opportunity to vote for your favorite band. HaleAmanO was the fifth band to play, and they fed off the energy the crowd was providing and played their (butts) off. In the end, the judges were in complete agreement and gave the guys positive comments. The crowd agreed and after tallying all the ballots, HaleAmanO was announced the winner of the event!

It’s fans like you that make a difference.

Spokesman for the group, Ryan Fleming accepted the award and wanted all of the HaleAmanO fans to know how much they appreciated all of the support through the whole competition. “It’s fans like you that make a difference.” Fleming also wanted to remind everyone of the bands upcoming tour of Hawaii in February. Venues, dates, and times will be announced shortly, so check back on any of the bands social networks or go to http://www.haleamano.com.

Thank you for being a loyal HaleAmanO fan.