House of Sharks CD

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HaleAmanO - House Of Sharks

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Enjoy HaleAmanO’s explosive original music such as “Love me 4 me “, “Recession”, and many more.
This Album is not just a “reggae” album. It carries you through different genres and blended in to HaleAmanO’s versatile style.

Original Release Date: June 5, 2010
Label: Catapult
Copyright: (c) 2010 Ryan Fleming
Total Length: 51:38


  1. Recession
  2. Temptationz
  3. Jah Soldier
  4. I and I
  5. Love Me For Me
  6. Hypnotize
  7. Jamalicious
  8. Truly Do
  9. I Want
  10. Sky Down
  11. Island People
  12. Hold Me In Your Arms

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HaleAmanO - House Of Sharks

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