JOY PROM Las Vegas 2019

When: May 25, 2019
Where: M Resort
Time: 4:30 pm


However you can visit the website and possibly become a volunteer.

JOY PROM Las Vegas is a full-scale, prom for teenagers and adult individuals with cognitive and physical impairments, where the Las Vegas community unites to celebrate every guest.

Guests are hosted complimentary and enjoy the evening alongside their peers in a safe, protected, and exciting environment. The JOY PROM Las Vegas experience empowers guests to be confident, builds self-esteem, inspires friendships, and fosters inclusion among all in attendance.

JOY PROM Las Vegas is an intentional opportunity to further the common good in society by uniting community and celebrating uniqueness. The universal thread tying everyone together is the reality that we are all more alike than different. This event breaks through previous stereotypes, shifts negative paradigms that have possibly been formed about those who are ‘different than us’, and reveals the JOY in selfless giving.

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